Will an E-Commerce Website help your business?

Will an E-Commerce Website help your business?

As the Christmas season sneaks up on us, we as consumers are trying to find the easiest and most cost effective way to purchase goods for our family and friends. Edinburgh is packed full of people pushing and shoving through the shops, hardly even being able to see what they want to purchase. The small local shops can find themselves in a battle between the bigger retailers and our best intentions of buying our loved ones unique and quirky gifts that we know they would love, turn into the same old last minute ‘safe’ panic buys. But how can the ‘david’ shops defeat the ‘Goliath’ shops? Well one way is to get your shop online! If you have been thinking about getting an e-commerce website here are some positive points of why you should take the plunge!

1. All of a sudden your little street shop is now accessible internationally! If you have ever thought of expanding your business this is one investment that will definitely help you reach a wider clientele and potentially find fans from afar.

2. You can work from anywhere! If you have to close shop one day you can still make business from your online service meaning you won’t lose out on your days takings.

3. Online shopping influences about half of all shoppers! More consumers than ever will check out shops online before they actually physically visit the shop. Get the image that you want to portray of your shop online to attract your clientele

4. This one is the final interesting fact is that online sales are growing faster than offline sales. Therefore an e-commerce website would get you out fishing from the pond into the big sea for the big bite sales!

So do you think an E-Commerce website would help your business? If you still aren’t sure, feel free to contact us for more information!

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