Why good branding and online presence is essential for Charities

Why good branding and online presence is essential for Charities

Charities and the voluntary sector are no longer dull, quiet, shaker tin organisations. The voice of charities is getting louder and their ability to get their message reached is greater than ever through the internet and social media.


The more a charity puts into making their work look good the more public will take notice at what work is being done. It can show the public how seriously they take the work. You need volunteers, supporters and finance contributors. You need advertising and publication to get your message to as many ears and eyes as possible. So many young people are using the voluntary sector to build up their experience of work, and so many funders are looking for how your charity is meeting this need. How is your charity attracting more volunteers and those that are young?


The objectives of good branding include:


  • Delivers the message of your organization clearly
  • Shows your organisations credibility
  • Connects to your target audience
  • Will motivate supporters


Here are 3 charities in the UK that we thought have worked hard at getting their branding right.


Cancer Research

Cancer Research Branding and Website

Help for Heroes

Help For Heroes Branding and Website


Comic Relief

Comic Relief Branding and Website

ECM offer support and discounts to charities to help them get the online look they need for marketing and information sharing. If you have any questions about how we can help you please just contact us!

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