• Creativity

    We don’t just produce websites, we create modern communication.

  • Harmony

    We know the balance between raw technology and elegant design

  • Integrity

    We believe in what we do, we do what we say. We have a charitable objective We want to support the people that support our community, especially vulnerable groups.

  • Results

    We are continually growing due to continual innovation.

  • Added Value

    We have a genuine interest in positively contributing to the development of your businesses.

  • Win-Win

    We are interested in you having the best experience, getting the best results. Because when you grow, we grow.

  • Efficiency

    We don’t waste time and/or money We believe in interacting and collaborating with customers rather than following complex company processes. Meeting your expectations by resolving your key critical business issues.

  • One size fits all

    We have a functional team that will fit your organisation regardless of size or industry

  • One size DOES NOT fit all

    Different people have different problems that require different solutions. We believe that analysing the situation and determining the correct tools and approach is key to success

  • Responsiveness

    We aim to be responsive to changes in the market, technology, design, industry standards and your company’s needs.

Other Services

We are a multifaceted team of designers, developers and business people.
We adapt to your needs and add value to your organisation whether it is big or small.
These are some of the services we offer.

Web Design

Web Design

Edinburgh Creative Media provides Web Design Services in Edinburgh for the world. It doesn’t matter where you are based. We have experience working with clients remotely. Our website designs are a great tool to connect with your customers and generate new leads.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Our Edinburgh based graphic designers have lots of experience designing digital and print solutions. Our team also has experience in packaging and product design. We don’t just make things look good but we also deliver functional design.

Digital Design

Digital Design

As paper becomes less and less used different methods of publishing are used. We will create designs that will be used on screens of all sizes. Our team has experience creating digital publications of magazines and other media.

Online Marketing

Online Marketing

Sales, sales, sales! Generate more sales via your website and social media networks. Target the right audience and deliver the right message. Get all the value that our marketing tools can give your organisation by choosing ECM for your online marketing.



Get your products in front of those who are searching for them with an e-commerce shop. Work from anywhere, you don’t have to be based locally, reach a worldwide audience with your online shop. Tap into the fastest method of selling goods with an e-commerce shop.



Edinburgh Creative Media’s team is experienced on advertising online and offline. Let us help you run and track advertising campaigns whether they are online or offline. We will help you target the right people and communicate your message the right way.