Web Design

What is good web design? It is designing a website that is nice to look at, easy to navigate, displays information in an intuitive manner, easy to read and it is consistent all throughout.
At Edinburgh Creative Media, we design websites that will not just be pretty pictures but will be usable. Our website designers are trained to use the highest design and development standards and our workflow is set up to promote collaboration so we can deliver a good website design.
Some organisations will need extra functionality that a simple website or CMS might not have. Our team of web designers and web developers is ready to create and build extra functionality that you might need on your website.

Static Websites

If you need a fast and affordable site that you don’t need to update often you might need a static website. This type of web design doesn’t have the advantages of a CMS, meaning that, unless you are code savvy, you will not be able to update the content of your website yourself. If not, our web designers and web developers are here to help you.

Simple Websites

These websites are similar the static websites, the main difference is that you will be able to update the content of your website yourself. This type of website design might be based on an existing template and the turnaround might be quicker than a bespoke website design. We will deliver a simple website design that will work but the website’s design and functionality changes will be limited.

Portfolio and Brochure Web Design

This is one of our most popular web design options. With a portfolio or brochure website you will have a way of showing your customers and potential clients your business or charity. Portfolio and Brochure websites are a great tool when you want to show others what you have done or what services you offer. See our portfolio for more information.

Bespoke Web Design

Do you want a website design that is unique and that will attract more business? Our bespoke web design option is what you are looking for. We design and develop bespoke websites that will adhere to your brand or that will fit in the branding we have created for you. These web designs will also have further functionalities that you might need. Stand out with our unique, bespoke website designs!

Ecommerce Web Design

Generate revenue and increase your profit with our ecommerce website designs. We can optimise your site for Google so you can generate more leads, meaning, more sales.

Our web designers will focus on designing and developing your ecommerce website with the best technologies and will make sure your ecommerce website design is much more than just a design, our web developers will optimise it so it is speedy and easy to use.

Online Magazine Design

On this day and age you need more than one way of getting noticed. We can help you get online and start reaching a larger audience. Our magazine web designs will not only be made to display information but they will be made so people can engage with your content and share it with ease.
As online magazine websites will generate lots of content, we offer special cloud hosting for magazine websites. Magazines are a great way of reaching a very wide audience and online magazines will reach even a wider audience. We also design printed magazines. Our graphic and magazine designers will work together with our web designers to make sure you get a magazine website that will increase your capacity of engaging with your audience and advertise.

Mobile and Responsive Web Design

Mobile and tablet traffic is increasing day by day. Generate leads through the fastest growing channel. Our Mobile and Responsive web designs offer access to a vast audience.
Responsive web design is web design that adapts to the users’ screen sizes making it easier to read. There is nothing like reading from a website that loads fast on a mobile or tablet and is easy to read without having to zoom in. This usability feature will help you convert leads into sales.

Website Redesign

Do you need to make your website more interactive? Is your online presence not working for you? There are a lot of websites that were badly designed and that date very fast. Edinburgh Creative Media can help you redesign your website. With our website redesign packages we will create a new way of displaying your content and showing your customers a fresh and interactive website. Our team of web designers will make sure your audience gets a brand new experience that they will remember.

Content Management Systems

We use simple content management systems, or CMS, that are easy to use and update. You don’t have to be a website designer to change the content of your website. With a CMS you can update the content of your website at will.

User Experience

When we design a new website we focus on making sure that it is easy to use and intuitive for your users. User Experience is one of the focus points whilst on the design and development process of your website.

Web Development

Web development is more than just coding up a website. If you need your website to have custom functionalities, interactive sections, secure areas or others our web developers can build it for you. Our web developers can also create custom applications if you need more than just a website.

Website Hosting

Hosting is the place where your website is stored and served from. We can provide hosting at a competitive rate. Our cloud servers are fast and reliable, plus we have focused on security so you can have peace of mind.

Graphic Design for Websites

Text only websites might not be the nicest to look at. We can also deliver banners, design advertisements, create graphics and layouts for your website.

Other Services

We are a multifaceted team of designers, developers and business people.
We adapt to your needs and add value to your organisation whether it is big or small.
These are some of the services we offer.

Web Design

Web Design

Edinburgh Creative Media provides Web Design Services in Edinburgh for the world. It doesn’t matter where you are based. We have experience working with clients remotely. Our website designs are a great tool to connect with your customers and generate new leads.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Our Edinburgh based graphic designers have lots of experience designing digital and print solutions. Our team also has experience in packaging and product design. We don’t just make things look good but we also deliver functional design.

Digital Design

Digital Design

As paper becomes less and less used different methods of publishing are used. We will create designs that will be used on screens of all sizes. Our team has experience creating digital publications of magazines and other media.

Online Marketing

Online Marketing

Sales, sales, sales! Generate more sales via your website and social media networks. Target the right audience and deliver the right message. Get all the value that our marketing tools can give your organisation by choosing ECM for your online marketing.



Get your products in front of those who are searching for them with an e-commerce shop. Work from anywhere, you don’t have to be based locally, reach a worldwide audience with your online shop. Tap into the fastest method of selling goods with an e-commerce shop.



Edinburgh Creative Media’s team is experienced on advertising online and offline. Let us help you run and track advertising campaigns whether they are online or offline. We will help you target the right people and communicate your message the right way.