Values, Morals and Ethics in the Design Industry

Values, Morals and Ethics in the Design Industry

From my experience of working with other design agencies, I have learned that some find it hard to stick to what they say and deliver what they offer. How many of us have heard the words:

It’s nothing personal, just business

I would like to say instead: Let’s keep it personal and help each other. This way we can have a win-win situation.

I personally believe that a company whose primary focus is only money is doing it wrong. There is a social responsibility that belongs to every single one of us and we should be focusing on helping each other to succeed.

Eliminate wasteful words

One of our key values at Edinburgh Creative Media is to eliminate waste. We are working on eliminating anything that doesn’t add value to our organisation and processes. Words can also be wasteful, as a team, we focus on encouraging each other to be better. If we create a culture of innovation and encouragement it will be easier to help and add value others outside our company.

Deliver What you offer
It doesn’t matter if it is design related or not!

Unfortunately many clients that come to us say:

This person offered this and never delivered, I don’t think it can be done

From there you need to start building a relationship and trying to restore the clients confidence from these bad experiences.

You will never succeed in business if you give yourself a bad name. At this point, it doesn’t matter how good or bad your branding or design skills are. If you never deliver, you’ll never win. If you don’t have morals or care about the work that you do for clients you will unfortunately fail.

Help Others

Ultimately, there will always be someone that we can help. Take 1 minute of your day and think about the area where you live in and think of something that could improve, then go ahead and find a solution for it.

If you believe in a good cause, support it! If you are a business owner, it is even easier to support the local community or a good cause.

Local community projects

These are some local community projects and organisations that do amazing things for the community we live in and the people we share this city with. Some of them are outside Edinburgh and across the UK.


You can’t change the world alone but everyone can help someone!!
If we do our bit, we can achieve more.

Edinburgh Creative Media is a company that wants to have good working ethics, good values and good morals but this will always be a matter of continual development and focus.

What are some causes that you support? Can you make a difference?


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