Top 10 Whisky Label and Packaging Designs

Top 10 Whisky Label and Packaging Designs

In appreciation to our “national water” we would like to do a personal run down of we think are the top 10 most impressive bottle and label designs for whisky.  We have scanned the web to bring you some of the best that we have found. Some are from our native land and others are from our cousin lands. Please note…this is just the design top 10 – we may have to do another one on the top 10 best tasting. What are your thoughts on the designs? Does a design of whisky make you want to buy?  Does the attractiveness of sight make it taste better? We would like to know!

No. 10 Great King St

This Scotch whisky was named for the address of Compass Box’s Edinburgh offices; Great King Street is a new range of whiskies which will impress the whisky fanatic and also tickle the fancy of those that like a whisky in a cocktail! ECM love how the design of the bottle is a trace of the architecture of Edinburgh’s famous street and makes it feel like a real local brand.

Great King St. Packaging Design

No. 9 Skogar Icelandic Whisky

The creator of the whisky wanted to “bring whisky back to the common man” as in recent years whisky had been adopted by the upper class and it has been taken away from the original drink choice of the lower class laborers. The packaging design of the whisky therefore reflects something of simplicity and affordability. We love the typography that the designer has used and its hexagonal packaging.

Skogar Whisky Packaging Design

Skogar Whisky Packaging Design

No. 8 Ballatine’s Luxist

Bringing a more modern vibe to whisky; Ballatine’s Luxist is the new whisky on the block and making its way into London and other European Night clubs. The bottle looks like a sound desk of a nightclub with a sound equalizer and electroluminescent label that lights up.

Ballatines Luxist Whisky Packaging Design

No. 7 Glenmorangie Ealanta

Taking on the standard Glenmorangie shape of bottle the Ealanta adopts a more classical label. We like the oaked box affect and the brand name.
Glenmorangie Ealanta Whisky Packaging Design

No. 6 The Dalmore Selene

What can we say about the design of this whisky? Well it exudes complete luxury. This whisky is packaged in a box made of solid steel with inlaid leather.  If you want one of these in your whisky collection it will set you back a cool £15,500.

The Dalmore Selene Whisky Packaging Design

No. 5 Elixer Scotch Whisky

This design is something more special with its ceramic bottle and matte black glaze. We love the almost wine carafe look of the bottle and quirky description of the whisky on the back of the bottle!

The Dalmore Selene Whisky Packaging Design


No. 4 Hydrabad

Check out this design of this whisky from New Zealand. The bottles represent that of old medicine bottles including dropper. Just like when you had science at school, you wanted to test the different solutions in the cool bottles; so does the Hydrabad make you feel like testing all the flavours of the whisky.

Hydrabad Whisky Packaging Design

Hydrabad Bag Whisky Packaging Design


The design of LEGACY is to represent adventure. The design itself is adventurous with leather, burlap and metal. The branding of the whisky wanted to come over as an exciting expedition, exploring the wild, and the consumer had just found the hidden treasure that is LEGACY whisky! I love the mystery!

Legacy Whisky Tree Packaging Design
Legacy Whisky Onbox Packaging Design

No. 2 RI Whisky

This whisky design almost looks like a perfume . Simple and clean ,; the rye packaging  lets the burnt orange whisky colour do the talking.  A two letter label give it a bold statement.

RI Whisky Packaging Design

No. 1 The Glenrothes Single Cask 1970

This whisky design won World Whiskies Design Awards 2013. An egg-shaped, hand grenade style bottle is weighty, ample and just beautiful. This bottle looks sophisticated and unique.
The Glenrothes Single Cask Packaging Design
The Glenrothes Single Cask Packaging Design

Honourary Mention

Giving homage to our arguable best known whisky is this limited addition “The Naked Grouse” Allied Glass. It shows a different character of the Famous Grouse and you would be proud to pull this out of your whisky collection. The bottle is attractive without the need of a label, only a glass grouse. Easy.

The Naked Grouse Whisky Packaging Design

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