Principles of Effective Web Design for your Agency

Principles of Effective Web Design for your Agency

So what are the main principles of effective web design? We find out what these principles are by spotting out the behaviour of the users. A users experience around a website is like that of a customer in a shop. How the shop is laid out will tell if the customer finds it easy to locate the product (information) that they need or if they get bored and leave your shop (page)!

1. Get good content

Content is King! If a website has high quality content the design of the website can be somewhat forgiven. This is the reason why not so up-to-date websites can gain so much much traffic, because of the good content.

2. Website users don’t read -they scan

Website users need instant gratification of what they are looking for. Don’t make them think (where will i find this or that) or your business will loose money.This responsibility is down to the website designers that you use. This is why it is important to get high quality web design agency if you are looking for an effective money making website.

3. Always test your site and test often

This process should be applied to every website design. With doing this TETO process you will get significant insight on problems and issues related to a given layout.

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