Packaging design that will make the consumer want to buy

Packaging design that will make the consumer want to buy

What makes us really want to buy the things that we buy? Is the quality of wine or beer that you buy really matter or are you buying because of the look? Going for a classy look will make you feel the quality of what you are buying is better, whilst going for a more modern/fun might make you feel you are buying into the new popular. Whatever it is, we as consumers are effectively buying a packaging design that tells us a story of the product inside.


If you are investing into getting a design made here are a few things to take into consideration to get it right and secure the customer chooses you over the competition:

1. Do your market research on your competitors before you start and get an understanding of where you stand with your product and make it unique.

2. Having a tool to measure your progress and reflect is good to have in the beginning. This will help you see what peoples attitude to your packaging now and what it will look like in the future.

3. Get a design agency that have an obvious past of good packaging design. It is a good idea to make sure you meet the design agency and make sure that you like them and that they can deliver on what you are wanting.

4. Your packaging design has to be unique. It will have to be strong and ooze character.

5. Get yourself covered! Get your product all copyrighted and protect it under trademark law.

6. Feel confident that it is your pack that stands out from the competition by putting it side to side in a store and see if it is the one that calls attention to the customers!

7. Think ahead, don’t get a design that only covers the popular in today’s market but research what new design looks are coming out that will cover for the future trends.


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