We specialise in branding, identity, print, digital design and advertising. We can give your brand a boost with our graphic design services.

Let your business speak for itself. Wether you are looking for a logo design, a magazine design, a rebrand or a whole new identity for your company or charity we can help you. Graphic design is more than knowing how to use design programs, it is knowing what will appeal to your audience.

Branding & Identity

A strong brand for your company is a really important part in communicating to your customers the identity of your business and how you can help them. ECM will work alongside company’s to make a memorable and effective brand that stays in the minds of your clients.

Print Design

Having a good design on your marketing material is like showing your clients how you value your business and how they will ultimately value your business. Here at ECM will help you brand your Brochures, leaflets, folders, stationery, booklets and much more to help you represent your professional business as you would want it to be.

Digital Design

On these days digital design is more than just designing for web. With the amount of devices that are out there and technology advancing faster than ever you will need to take care of how your business looks online. We can help you with designing website graphics or banners, social media pages and images.


Whatever you are trying to promote ECM can help you with the design and advertisement. Whether it is a flyer, poster or magazine promotion having a great design for your event is important to catching peoples eye and attention. Start an advertisement campaign today!


You might have products on stock that you want to display online or on a brochure. We can come and take photos of your venue, photos of your team, photos of your products, you name it. We can edit the photos and use them on your project.

Logo Design

Edinburgh Creative Media can give you a full rebrand but if you want we can start by creating a logo so people can remember your brand easily.

Business Cards Design

Leave your prospects something to remember you. Our business cards design solution is available for business and professionals that take their business seriously.

Stationery Design

This is part of the full range of graphic design we offer. Do you need us to design letterheads, design envelopes or other stationery for your business?

Style Guides

If your brand is going to be used by others you need to make sure that 3rd parties have the necessary branding and style guides so your brand is consistent all across.

Brochure Design

With your brochure designs you can make sure your clients will get all the information in a pleasant way. We have experience making brochures for big brands. Let us design your next brochure.

Magazine Design

Do you have an idea for a magazine or maybe you already have one but you are not pleased with the way it looks? We have designed several magazines. Ask about our ongoing magazine rates.

Flyer Design

Edinburgh has many festivals and you might be thinking about getting a flyer printed. We can design the flyers as well as sending them and liaising with the printers so you can receive the final product.

Corporate Documents

Change the way your employees and board members look at your company. Our Graphic Designers can design your corporate documents so you can impact the people you work with.

Banners and Web Ads Design

Expand your reach with our graphic design service. Let us design your banners and ads and we will make sure they are appealing for the audience that you are aiming to reach.

Page Design for Web

Do you have a crazy idea for a website? Have you been told that it is not possible? At ECM Web design and Graphic design go hand in hand.

We can develop what we design. Using the latest technologies and best practices we can lay out your information in a very intuitive way that is appealing to the users.

Graphic Design for Web

The graphics on your website will look great if you let us create consistency between your brand and website.

Infographic Design

Do you want a creative way to display your data? We can create an infographic or an interactive website or web page that displays your data in a creative way. If you are looking for something simpler we can create a static infographic that your users can read.

Other Services

We are a multifaceted team of designers, developers and business people.
We adapt to your needs and add value to your organisation whether it is big or small.
These are some of the services we offer.

Web Design

Web Design

Edinburgh Creative Media provides Web Design Services in Edinburgh for the world. It doesn’t matter where you are based. We have experience working with clients remotely. Our website designs are a great tool to connect with your customers and generate new leads.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Our Edinburgh based graphic designers have lots of experience designing digital and print solutions. Our team also has experience in packaging and product design. We don’t just make things look good but we also deliver functional design.

Digital Design

Digital Design

As paper becomes less and less used different methods of publishing are used. We will create designs that will be used on screens of all sizes. Our team has experience creating digital publications of magazines and other media.

Online Marketing

Online Marketing

Sales, sales, sales! Generate more sales via your website and social media networks. Target the right audience and deliver the right message. Get all the value that our marketing tools can give your organisation by choosing ECM for your online marketing.



Get your products in front of those who are searching for them with an e-commerce shop. Work from anywhere, you don’t have to be based locally, reach a worldwide audience with your online shop. Tap into the fastest method of selling goods with an e-commerce shop.



Edinburgh Creative Media’s team is experienced on advertising online and offline. Let us help you run and track advertising campaigns whether they are online or offline. We will help you target the right people and communicate your message the right way.