Graphic Design, What does it really mean?

Graphic Design, What does it really mean?


There is a lot more to design than assembling, sorting, selecting and preparing. To design is to bring more worth and meaning to something, should it just be a menu or even a magazine front. It makes things clean, strengthens, influences, and yes, even impacts. Design is a vital part of day on day life, especially in Edinburgh. Pretty much everything we do is influenced by design. Here’s an example. When we head to Boots to get face cream, perfume or even vitamins we sub consciously buy the package with the appealing design that catches our eye and our brain agrees that it is a good product (albeit the price is right!). Why is that?! Well because the design of the product has influenced, inspired and motivated us to purchase. That’s why your graphic design, design of web site or flyer design is such an important part of advertising.


We have gone over the basic definition of design, lets look at graphic designers now. A graphic designer is on the basic level a communicator. When thinking about communicators such as an inspirational speaker and how they try to get a message over to their audience, the point of a graphic designer is also to communicate and send the message to the client or to the viewer.

A graphic designer is in fact also a translator. When you as the customer comes with an idea that you need to see visually, the graphic designer will translates the idea into a picture that allows you and your viewers to see and understand the message. The graphic designer will make your idea interesting and skilfully deliver the message to your audience. Just like what influences you to buy products,get your potential clients to choose you! If you need to chat about graphic design with us then please get in contact!

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