Essential Marketing Tools for your Business and Charity

Essential Marketing Tools for your Business and Charity

Are you planning on starting a new business or charity? Or, maybe you need some direction on how to help your business? Here are a few handy marketing hints and tips that can help you build a solid foundation for your organisation.

Budget and Plan

This is the vital point of your business and also what people will “buy into”. If the days get tough the “plan” of your business and the “vision” behind the business will be the one that will keep you and your team motivated. On better days, you will be able to motivate your team and keep them motivated, which is very important for the work environment.

Great Customer Service and Great Products:

If you want to get a good name for yourselves you will have to “wow” your customers with your service and products. Exceed the expectations and see loyalty come back to you. Listen to your customers need and do a little research.

Good Branding

This will effectively encompass your business identity. People will see your brand and judge what type of business you are instantly. Investing in this part of your business would be a wise choice to do at the very start as it will determine how you will be portrayed.

Marketing materials:

Market whenever you can, wherever you can. Engaging with your current customers is one of the most effective ways to generating business. Start using the good branding that you have invested in on everything that customers can see. This will help keep things consistent and strong throughout the organisation. Some marketing tools are your business cards, brochures, flyers, letterheads, signage, magazines, websites, etc….

Business definition speech:

When you get asked “What does your business do” don’t make the mistake of playing it down or normalising it. Have an exciting statement to make about your business and set yourself apart from the rest.

Write an elevator pitch:

This is a summary of what your business is that can be explained in seconds.

Get the best website you can:

As we get more and more connected via the internet, people are using search engines more than ever before. If you want to attract new customers or shareholders you will need to show up on the first page in Google and other major search engines. Prospects will search for you to find out what your business or charity has to offer. Statistics show that a person will make a judgement about your business on what your website looks like instantly. Your website is your tool to engage customers and for them to build a relationship with you. Getting a website can be a scary business but make sure that you choose a trustworthy web design company and always look at their portfolio. Cheaper isn’t always better so make sure that you think about how much of your budget you want on it.

Extras – Database:

Organise your business well with a customers database. This means that you can retain your customers and know why they have been in touch giving you an opportunity to upsell.

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