Edinburgh Tech Startup Community Growing

Edinburgh Tech Startup Community Growing

If you live in Edinburgh you have probably heard about Skyscanner, an online search engine for flights and hotels. Skyscanner doubled its revenue to £66 million this year and has over 25 million users using their website or app each month. Skyscanner employs 400 and plans to recruit 200 more in the next year. But not long ago Skyscanner was only a tech startup in Edinburgh.

Edinburgh as a “Technology Hub”

Edinburgh Tech Hub
There are currently more than 100 technology startups in Edinburgh’s “Technology Hub”, Skyscanner setting an example becoming a world class business. Edinburgh’s technology scene has been growing steady making it the perfect place to start a technology company.


A lot of companies choose Edinburgh mainly because they have access to the talent that Edinburgh University and others can offer. One of the main reasons, however, is that to attract talent, companies need to offer quality of life as well as work and Edinburgh offers this.


Edinburgh Tech Startup Incubator
Techcube is a world class tech startup incubator where a lot of small and tech startups are born. This is the place where Skyscanner started. The staff are committed to generating the next generation of great quality technology companies. Organisations like these make it easier for people to start businesses, helping the economy and they should be taken as examples of what can be done by helping and collaborating with others.

Helping the Economy

Having all these companies in Edinburgh will definitely help grow the economy of the UK, similar to how Silicon Valley developed. Let’s hope that the growth continues and Edinburgh becomes the place to be when it comes to starting up or working for a technology startup company.

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