Charity Walk to Help Syria This Saturday

Little Heros Walk for Friends in Syria

Charity Walk to Help Syria This Saturday

As we all probably know by now, the crisis in Syria is getting worse by the day. We are supporting a great walk that is happening this Saturday in Edinburgh! Lorna Herrera and a bunch of amazing people are raising funds for the charity UNICEF and the crisis in Syria.

The charity walk is aimed at families and kids but anybody can be part of it. The fact that families can teach the value of helping others to their children is great!

There are only a few days to go and so far the walk has raised a good amount of money! Also, The Scottish Government has offered to match the amount and donate it as well.

If you would like to be part of the charity walk

Visit the facebook page for more information.

If you would like to donate

Unicef United Kingdom: Fundraising Charity Walk in Edinburgh 2013Visit unicef’s fundraising page and donate. Every single donation counts! We want to see the lives of people changed for good!

Support them by donating or walking with them!

  • Lorna Herrera

    Thanks for the blog post Diego :) Looking forward to the walk!

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