Edinburgh Creative Media is more than just a digital or web design agency. We are a company that adds value to organizations, big or small. We provide solutions to problems online and offline.

We have a responsibility to support the continual development of modern communication. We believe a solution that works is the primary measure of progress.

History & Evolution

Back in 2011 our founder Diego Herrera dreamed up the idea of starting a web design agency that would bring top quality websites to organizations of all kinds and sizes, whilst giving him a chance to work his creative bones together with his passion for technology. A year later, his wife Lorna came alongside to support with the administration side of the business and dealing with clients.

Recently we have grown as a team of exceptional graphic designers and developers. We bring invaluable talent and skills completing a perfect team package thus far of Edinburgh Creative Media’s journey.

We have evolved from just being a web design company to being a full service agency. As we grow we have introduced more services and products.

Edinburgh Creative Media is big enough to cope and small enough to fit.

Creative City

There was a point during our development where we decided it was time to grow. In 2013 we registered as a Creative City Media Limited to be able to scale and do as much as we have ever dreamed.

Modern Communication

We class ourselves as a Modern Communication company. When we created Creative City we thought about everything we do and we could not classify ourselves within the web design or graphic design industry. Then we went to the beginning and started thinking about what we provide and what was the most basic idea of what we did. Then the term Modern Communication was born. That was it! We help businesses and organisations communicate in a human way using non-human ways. We help businesses grow by portraying the correct image. We help charities get more donations by targeting and communicating with the right audience. Creative City Media: Modern Communication.


If you want to learn more of what we do visit our services page


Web Design
We specialise on Web Design. Our websites are built with the latest technologies and will work on different devices.
E Commerce
If you are looking to sell online our e-commerce solutions will be the best option for you. Start selling online today!
At this point about 15% of the world’s internet traffic comes from a mobile device. We can build you a website that your users can use from different mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones.
User Experience
We can run test that will determine how your users use your website. Then we can help you improve your conversion rates with the data collected.
Web Development
Sometimes a simple website is not enough, you might need to integrate with a system such as a job board. We can develop a custom system or application for you or your business.
Have you got a website but no visitors? With SEO you can grow an audience and you can generate new leads. Get higher on Google and other major search engines.


Branding & Identity
Impact your customers with top class branding and identity. It is not just logo design, we can brand stationery, letterheads, business cards, etc… We will even deal with the printers if you need.
Print Design
Wether you need corporate documents designed or wether you need us to design a flyer for the Edinburgh Festival we can do it for you.
Brochures are a great way to showcase your work to potential customers. We can create a brochure design that will be appealing to the eye and that will have an impact on what your potential clients will see.
We create flyers for events and festivals. Let us know what you need and we can give you some ideas that will get you noticed.
If you need illustrations for a website or a brochure we can illustrate them for you.
We offer a range of printed and digital advertisement solutions.


Product Packaging
If you want to create a product you will need packaging for it. See some examples of packaging we have done before.
Display Packaging
We can create packaging for your product as well as display packaging for stores. We will display your products in a way that will reflect your brand.

Why Edinburgh

Recently dubbed as the “tech startup capital” of Scotland, Edinburgh has been an inspiration and strong starting ground for Edinburgh Creative Media to start up on a web design, graphic design and modern communications venture. Edinburgh Creative Media have a strategy of continual innovation and development for the future, making sure that they give their customers top quality.

With a variety of festivals happening each year, Edinburgh gets filled with a multicultural variety of art, design, languages and people.

Helping Others

Edinburgh Creative Media will keep a regular blog of certain charities that we have been working alongside and help promote their amazing projects to the wider audience. We want to recognise the good works of various organisations in the city and we want to motivate creativity within the industry. It’s not all about business, it means so much more when you give back! Are you a voluntary organisation that needs a website and would like to find out more?

Charity Work

Other Services

We are a multifaceted team of designers, developers and business people.
We adapt to your needs and add value to your organisation whether it is big or small.
These are some of the services we offer.

Web Design

Web Design

Edinburgh Creative Media provides Web Design Services in Edinburgh for the world. It doesn’t matter where you are based. We have experience working with clients remotely. Our website designs are a great tool to connect with your customers and generate new leads.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Our Edinburgh based graphic designers have lots of experience designing digital and print solutions. Our team also has experience in packaging and product design. We don’t just make things look good but we also deliver functional design.

Digital Design

Digital Design

As paper becomes less and less used different methods of publishing are used. We will create designs that will be used on screens of all sizes. Our team has experience creating digital publications of magazines and other media.

Online Marketing

Online Marketing

Sales, sales, sales! Generate more sales via your website and social media networks. Target the right audience and deliver the right message. Get all the value that our marketing tools can give your organisation by choosing ECM for your online marketing.



Get your products in front of those who are searching for them with an e-commerce shop. Work from anywhere, you don’t have to be based locally, reach a worldwide audience with your online shop. Tap into the fastest method of selling goods with an e-commerce shop.



Edinburgh Creative Media’s team is experienced on advertising online and offline. Let us help you run and track advertising campaigns whether they are online or offline. We will help you target the right people and communicate your message the right way.