5 Tips for producing rich content – that works

5 Tips for producing rich content – that works

ECM have created this recipe for producing successful content that will achieve the best results. Below we have 5 principles to follow when producing a page of content. This approach should be used when writing each page of content.

1. Keywords

Keywords are targeted words and phrases. Effective keywords are “what people search for” in Google and other search engines. They are normally more than one word in length. Eg. “my premium product” or “quality products”. You should choose keywords that you want to target when writing good content that works. Currently it is recommended that you focus on a maximum of two keywords per page.

2. Titles and Subheadings

Readers want to know what to expect when reading your content. You can tell readers what to expect by using a descriptive title. Titles are not just important for readers, search engines also use titles to qualify relevant results. A similar example could be searching for a relevant book, the title and synopsis are what people base their decisions on. Titles and subheadings should contain the target keywords where possible.

3. Paragraph Content

Intro Paragraph: Summarise the main idea at the beginning of each page. Compose this paragraph using your chosen keywords in a normal context.

Main Body: Structure your content. Communicate one point per paragraph and use subheadings.

4. Page Length

The current recommended word count of a page must exceed 300 words. This ensures that there is enough content to satisfy readers but also providing enough content to be indexed by search engines.

5. Writing style

Human Readable: Remember, the content you are producing is going to be read by humans. This can be easily forgotten when optimising your content for search engines.

Engaging content: Write meaningful content and let readers find value when reading your pages and articles.

Simplicity matters: Your content should be simple and informative. Readers can be from different backgrounds and nationalities and many of them might not speak English as a native language.

We have put together a template for you to use when sending us content. You can download the pdf version here.

Download PDF
Download Word Template

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